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Our Ethos:

Living in a busy and hectic city, most of us have forgotten to go back to the nature. Even bringing ‘nature’ home has become a chore. So we thought: why not provide a simple feeling of nature to our house? In Nectar our concept is simple: Anyone can become a plant parents and it can be as simple as one, two, three.


Simple care guide and tips for you.

Pot & Accessories

Give a plant for your friend as a gift.


Deliver to your doorstep with ease.

nectars.xyz - Home Discover. Deliver. Enjoy. Plant+You=Joy.

You order, we deliver.


Your plant will always arrive on time and ready to flourish from there and then.

Need special request? Nectar offer:

  • Ideas to place suitable plants / pots in the corner you would love to place the plant.
  • Wrap up plants as a gift for your friend / family, this is a gift that grows!

Featured Products

Heart to Heart Delivery & Installation.

  • Select your preferred delivery date and time with our crews.
  • Door to door delivery or in-house installation (including unwrapping & positioning).
  • Delivery fee will be charged from our store to the destination. Find out the delivery fee by checking with us online.
  • Delivery fee will be waived, if you spend a minimum of RM300*.

*Big plant that is more than 3ft is subject to delivery charges, reason being that we need a bigger transportation to deliver the plants.

Our shop has discount on delivery fee from time to time. Do check it out with our staff online or follow our Facebook to stay updated.
nectars.xyz - Home Discover. Deliver. Enjoy. Plant+You=Joy.