Our Ethos

Plant + You = Joy

Living in a busy and hectic city, most of us have forgotten to go back to the nature. Even bringing ‘nature’ home has become a chore. So we thought: why not provide a simple feeling of nature to our house? In Nectar our concept is simple: Anyone can become a plant parents and it can be as simple as one, two, three.

Plants have a sense of peace with them, they are not worried about your busy day nor your stress. They sit there, grow and bloom for you be it sunny or rainy. They silently provide you clean air and fragrance flowers. We thought everyone should be given a chance to feel such wonderful experience. Thus, every plants from Nectar comes with a simple care guide and tips of how to spot an unhealthy plant.

The plants that you will receive from Nectar are carefully taken care by us as if they are our own. This care is even extended to preparing them for the journey that they will travel to you. We take great pride in our packaging as proven in the testimonials given by many happy customers.

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Remember, Plant + You = Joy, our goal is to ensure the experience of being a plant buddy is as wonderful as the plants themselves.