Adenium Obesum Terrarium


Adenium is a sun-loving plant that is perfect to be grown in the garden. It will thrive even if you do accidentally “ignore” her. As long as your garden has strong and hot sun, adenium will thrive. Adenium also does not like wet soil, it will grow best in a well-drained soil.



  • Adenium is ideal for bonsai due to its slow growth.
  • Beautiful plant to be planted in a pot for decoration.
  • A plant that will brighten up your garden as adenium blooms all year long.
  • Need more ideas? Contact our team for help.


  • Plant: Approximately 30cm
  • Pot: Approximately 13cm diameter x 25cm height
  • Overall plant & pot: Approximately 13cm diameter x 50cm height
  • Potting soil
  • Natural small & medium stones
  • Plant care guide


  • All plants are unique by itself like all of us. The appearance, size, height of the plants will be slightly different from the image. Nectar’s plants will arrive fully-grown similar to the picture and it is pre-potted. 
  • Our care card is a generic guide to take care of the plants. Other external factors such as weather, placement of the plant, amount of sun light that it received will affect the condition of the plants too. 
  • We spend a lot of time selecting pots that is suitable and optimal to the plant e.g. good drainage and presentable for you. All you have to do is unpack with care.

Plant info

Do you know? - Adenium Obesum Terrarium is looks like a miniature desert!

In Malaysia and Singapore it is known as Fu Gui Hua, it means prosperity flower. Try and get a few of these prosperity flower, who knows you might become prosperous (kidding!). - Adenium Obesum Terrarium is looks like a miniature desert!

Plant Care

Sun: Full day sun is ideal.

Plant Care

Water: Alternate day even if it is outdoor.

Plant Care

Fertiliser: Once a month.