Ficus Lyrata


Also known as ficus lyrata a lush, bold and sculptural plant with elegant violin shaped leaves. Elegantly low maintenance, a must have for those of you would like to add into your style sense and keep up with the trend in your house.

Fiddle leaf fig is good for indoor and outdoor. It prefers a stable environment such as consistency on the temperature and humidity. Fiddle leaf fig is a princess that love sunlight, dislike soil that is too wet or too dry.



Fiddle leaf fig can be put as

  • Indoor decoration – office, living room, room, toilet or restaurant or even a lobby main entrance. 
  • Outdoor – car porch, garden or even as a welcoming plant at the main entrance. 
  • Need more ideas? Contact our team for help.


  • Plant: Approximately 30cm
  • Pot: Approximately 15cm diameter x 15cm height
  • Overall plant & pot: Approximately 15cm diameter x 45cm height
  • Potting soil
  • Natural coconut fibre
  • Plant care guide


  • All plants are unique by itself like all of us. The appearance, size, height of the plants will be slightly different from the image. Nectar’s plants will arrive fully-grown similar to the picture and it is pre-potted. 
  • Our care card is a generic guide to take care of the plants. Other external factors such as weather, placement of the plant, amount of sun light that it received will affect the condition of the plants too. 
  • We spend a lot of time selecting pots that is suitable and optimal to the plant e.g. good drainage and presentable for you. All you have to do is unpack with care.

Plant info

Do you know? - Ficus Lyrata is Fiddle Leaf Fid, good for your house!

Fiddle leaf fig trees are sensitive to their environment. They will take some time to adjust to their new home. So, don’t panic if your plant loses a few leaves. However, if the situation persist, feel free to reach out for help. - Ficus Lyrata is Fiddle Leaf Fid, good for your house!

Plant Care

Sun: Thrives under sunlight, be it directly or indirectly.

Plant Care

Water: Once a week if its indoor; alternate day if it is outdoor.

Plant Care

Fertiliser: Once a month with the green fertiliser.