Frangipani Plumeria 1ft


Frangipani Plumeria is incredibly fragrant flowering tree and bloom freely throughout the year. That is provided she is in tropical countries like Malaysia and Singapore (well, sometimes they do ‘rest’ before they start blooming again). Plumeria frangipani flowers come in different choices of colours like red, pink-white, yellow-white, white, yellow-pink and tri-colour. Their leaves are evergreen with large-leaved foliage.



Frangipani is an ideal outdoor plant. It can:

  • Adds an aromatic feel to your landscape.
  • Provide shade for your car or in the yard.
  • Lighten up the atmosphere in your garden.
  • Need more ideas? Contact our team for help.


  • Plant: Approximately 30cm
  • Pot: Approximately 15cm diameter x 15cm height
  • Overall plant & pot: Approximately 15cm diameter x 40cm height
  • Potting soil & coco fibre
  • Plant care guide


  • All plants are unique by itself like all of us. The appearance, size, height of the plants will be slightly different from the image. Nectar’s plants will arrive fully-grown similar to the picture and it is pre-potted. 
  • Our care card is a generic guide to take care of the plants. Other external factors such as weather, placement of the plant, amount of sun light that it received will affect the condition of the plants too. 
  • We spend a lot of time selecting pots that is suitable and optimal to the plant e.g. good drainage and presentable for you. All you have to do is unpack with care.

Plant info

Do you know?

The size of plumeria’s leaves range between 2-4 inches wide and 8-12 inches long.

Plant Care

Sun: Thrives under strong sunlight, minimum of 6 hours.

Plant Care

Water: Water every alternate days, allow the soil to dry out in between watering. However, if weather is too hot, you may water it daily.

Plant Care

Fertiliser: Once every 2 weeks.