Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant


Monstera Deliciosa is famous for Swiss Cheese Plant for its natural leaf-holes. So, their holes are to maximise the sun fleck capture on the ground. Meanwhile, young Monstera mostly has no holes, and be sized to grow alongside you.

Living with house plants, a relationship with nature has been shown to benefit our health in many ways. Monstera Deliciosa improvises the quality of the air we breathe, induce the calm feeling, trap the dust and help us to feel alert. 



Monstera Deliciousa is suitable for:

  • Indoor decoration – office, living room, restaurant’s wall or even lobby main entrance. 
  • Need more ideas? Contact our team for help.


  • Plant: Approximately 40cm
  • Pot: Approximately 20cm diameter x 30cm height
  • Overall plant & pot: Approximately 40cm diameter x 70cm height
  • Potting soil & coco fibre
  • Plant care guide


  • All plants are unique by itself like all of us. The appearance, size, height of the plants will be slightly different from the image. Nectar’s plants will arrive fully-grown similar to the picture and it is pre-potted. 
  • Our care card is a generic guide to take care of the plants. Other external factors such as weather, placement of the plant, amount of sun light that it received will affect the condition of the plants too. 
  • We spend a lot of time selecting pots that is suitable and optimal to the plant e.g. good drainage and presentable for you. All you have to do is unpack with care.

Plant info

Do you know? - Monstera Deliciosa Sweet Cheese Plant purify your house air!

Monstera Deliciosa is a climbing plant that grows in tropical rainforests that grow up tall trees and send down aerial roots to the ground where they take root. - Monstera Deliciosa Sweet Cheese Plant purify your house air!

Plant Care

Sun: Not suitable for direct hot sun. Grow well between medium to indirect sunlight. Suitable for indoor.

Plant Care

Water: Water once every 1-2 weeks or wait until the soil is dry before water again. It may need more water if its placed outdoor.

Plant Care

Fertiliser: Once every month with a scoop. Monstera does not need too much fertiliser.